Thanks to a team that works in constant synergy, PROIETTA has been envisioning, designing, and creating products and content for architectural projections for 30 years.


In 1993, we started creating projection signs for commercial activities, suitable for various contexts and originally designed for historical buildings in compliance with regulations for their preservation. In the 1990s, we were pioneers in developing the dynamic falling star effect, one of the most beloved features in Christmas decorations.


Today, we manufacture gobo projectors and dynamic effects, outdoor beamer cases, color-changing LED lights, water screens, interactive wall and floor projections, virtual hostesses, and talking figures. We also provide services such as content creation for all our systems.

Our range of architectural and Christmas projectors is designed for easy and fast installations within reach of non-professional users. With the precision of our high-definition lasers, we create high-quality gobos that enable sharp, defined, and vibrant projections.


Our creative department works closely with the client in the design aspects of the event, developing video mapping, dynamic and graphic effects that are always fresh and aimed at achieving maximum impact and effectiveness, with original and highly customizable content.


The ease of installation of PROIETTA projectors and outdoor enclosures is ensured by the practical design of our systems and the technical support provided.

Technological Development

Always keeping up with technological advancements, our artisanal MADE IN ITALY production is characterized by a great focus on all aspects of lighting. From continuously improving energy performance for bright, detailed, sharp, and low-consumption installations to the versatility of our products designed to meet the diverse needs of users, installers, and light designers.


Many of the innovations implemented in our range of products and services have been developed in response to the needs that arose during our own installations. We are always searching for new technical solutions that improve product performance and offer new creative possibilities to amaze with light.